The treatment results for

Pre and post-full-face rejuvenation Smartxide CO2 laser.

Before Treatment

Dull skin, open pores, fine wrinkles, sagging skin and wrinkles around the eyes, prominent nasolabial folds
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After 1 Laser Session

1-week post-treatment – Tightened smooth shiny skin, reduction of fine wrinkles and open pores.
The skin around eyes – reduced saggy skin and wrinkles including crow’s feet. Tightened loose skin of upper and lower eyelids; elevated eyebrows.
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A 60-year lady presented requesting treatment for “bags under my eyes.” She was concerned that this made her look aged, especially as the remainder of her skin was good for her age. Treatment options were discussed, and she was willing to go ahead with Madonna eye lift and full-face rejuvenation. The procedure, including pre and post-care advice, were discussed, and leaflets provided, and test patch performed.

She had CO2 laser treatment with intraocular shields placed into her eyes and local anaesthetic cream on her face. She tolerated the procedure well and took 1-week time off work for recovery. She followed all the aftercare care instructions and recovered well.

            Her photos are testimony to the brilliant results, and she received compliments from her family members as well. Pleased she gave a 5-star online review too!


Day 1 Post treatment

Day 2 Post treatment

1 Week after Post treatment