The treatment result for

sunspots or lentigines with Intense Pulsed Dye laser (IPL).

Before Treatment

Many brown sun and age spots visible across the cheeks.

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After Treatment

After 1st session – improvement of about 70% of the sunspots

After 2nd session – nearly 85-90% clearance of sunspots with smoother, tighter, shiny skin.

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A 43-year-old lady of Asian origin attended as she was feeling self-conscious of the many age spots that were appearing on her face with increasing frequency. Being skin type IV, treatment was refused in many cosmetic clinics. She had a thorough consultation, including specific assessment of risk factors for treatment complications in dark skin types. Her skin was approximately prepared and she had patch tests for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), followed by 2 treatment sessions with very good results!!

Pre Treatment
After 1st IPL session
After 2nd IPL session

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