Weddings are both exciting and demanding! There is a lot to plan and prepare; self care goes down to the bottom of the list, and by the time you reach it the wedding is round the corner! 

Sadly flawless skin does not happen requires regular tender loving care to renew and portray its luminous best. Why not handover the stress of your skin to those who know it best! A dermatologist 

Here are the top tips to get flawless skin on your special day. Btw these tips are for both brides and grooms alike! 

#1 Start early  

Brides can have multiple concerns ranging from pimples, pigmentation, dark circles, skin tags, bumpy skin, scalp hair loss, and excess hair on the rest of the body! 

These require medical, followed by cosmetic treatments, which takes time, we are talking months, many of them.. 

#2 Home skincare regime  

There are many magic potions out there marketed as the one “organic” solution to solve all your skin problems! Please choose carefully and get a personalized regime under a dermatologist. A good routine requires cleansing, skin brightening anti-oxidants, sunscreen, and night anti-ageing creams.  

#3 Can’t stress the importance of sunscreen  

If there is only one thing you have time for, then go for sunscreen. It prevents pigmentation, sun spots, freckles, wrinkles.. 

#4 Book your clinic cosmetic treatments early 

Botox, fillers, chemical peels, lasers are brilliant options to revitalise your skin. However apart from the multiple sessions involved, starting early means you have time to get the look right for you 

#5 Don’t neglect your hair! 

Whether it is treating scalp hair loss or making it voluminous and shiny, time is key. Body hair is best managed by laser hair removal so get in there early for long term results.  

#6 Get your nutrition right  

A healthy diet rich in antioxidants, low in processed food and lots of water brings out that “naturally healthy” look.  

#7 Exercise 

Moderate exercise gets the blood circulation going for that rosy pink glow! 

#8 Relaxation & sleep 

There is no substitute for a calm well rested inner self to bust that stress and unveil your positive self-image.  

#9 Take it slow close to the D-day 

The last month is for giving your skin the time and space it needs to regenerate, no more experimenting at this stage. The only thing allowed is a relaxing mild facial.  

#10 Last but not the least ENJOY! 

This is your special time, enjoy the process – the planning, the family time and the magic in the air!