Social media is swamped with magical hacks and skincare miracles. Do these TikTok tricks actually work?

● Double cleanse – it can be done if you have used heavy make-up but as a routine not at all! It strips your skin of the natural lipids and makes it dry and irritated. A gentle cleanser will do the job just fine!

● Pimple/spot patch/squeezing pimples – NO! Please do not use these. They traumatize the skin causing pigmentation and scarring

● Blackhead removal – again NO! For the same reasons. They can be much better managed with creams containing salicylic acid or retinoids

● Skincare in make up – basically this is where some actives are added into the make up..which is fine. But it does not need to be expensive

● Glass skin/Korean skincare – there are lots of videos with millions of views!! Well what is happening here is layering of creams with hydrating ingredients. The good thing is no harsh ingredients are used. Again it comes down to basic skincare..MOISTURISE. For this purpose any good bland moisturiser will do – it does NOT need to be expensive. Also be mindful of the grand claims! It does not cure acne or pigmentary disorders.

● Snail mucin – this is another hydrating ingredient, but derived from snails!..eeew…and does not clear acne

● Kombucha – is derived from fermented berry extract. It is an anti-oxidant with hydrating properties, and still in early days scientifically.

● It is not enough if the ingredients are listed on the label, the concentration and bioavailability have to be right to make a difference, so don’t go picking anything, certainly not expensive ones and throwing away your hard earned money!